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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Google IntraNet Named Moma - Watch It

Google Intranet MomaDespite the fact that the name is a complete mystery even to many of the employees that are working on it, Google has created a unique intranet for their workers to take part in during the day.

Moma, the intranet portal designed by Google, is a space designed with a simple goal in mind. Moma seeks to accurately manage the information found by Google and make said information comprehensible and useful to those internet users that rely on Google for their search queries. Available to office workers employed by Google, the connection to the Google intranet comes installed as a standard feature on laptops handed out to employees working for the company. However, the employee is required to provide account credentials in order to successfully authenticate their sign-in.

Moma has been said to go back as far as 2005, but the beginning versions were not very aesthetic. Though it was priceless to those who were hungry specifically for data, Moma at this time was messy to sift through and aesthetically challenged. The inside of Google, Moma allows those employees using it to find specific information, as well as information pertinent to specific employees, meeting room availability, maps of buildings and much more.

Published by Google in their Enterprise Blog, a screenshot of Moma in action shows the functionality available through Moma. While there is a “Universal Search” that can be utilized, there are also ways to narrow down the search. Some of these search categories that allow specification include “Tech”, “Official” and “Community” results.


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