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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Most searchable USB powered gadgets

USB Photo Christmas Bulbs Make Your Tree Hang Low
Capture Santa’s attention with these USB photo bulb Christmas ornaments. The bulb uses an LCD display and can store, on average, about 50 photos. Stop Santa in his tracks with either still pictures or tell him a story with the slide show feature.

USB enabled christmas photo bulb
USB Musical Santa Drummer - March to Your Own Beat
Each year Christmas prep seems to get a little earlier. Here is the first post for this years Christmas season, the USB musical Santa Drummer.

Musical Santa Drummer
USB Blender Alarm Clock Blends Plastic At Tone
Well, we don’t get it either. The USB blender from Brando spins up when the alarm goes off. One could argue the plastic balls inside the blender make for a shocking alarm clock sound, but then you have to explain the odd looking blender in your bedroom. I doubt anyone would put this on their desk, unless it really could blend a happy hour drink.

USB enabled blender alarm clock
Whack It Is Classic Now Whack It With USB
To digress back to middle school days has never been easier than with the USB Whack It arcade game. Or maybe Halo and Doom3 are just over done with technology and some good-old-fashion mole banging is required.

As with future cell phones the Whack It is powered via USB so don’t expect any download-able high scores or on-line gaming forum for stiff competition…just power.

Whack Arcade Game
Octopus Shaped Webcam Oddly Named Lilli & Oscar
So Lilli is the four legged webcam and Oscar is the 4 port USB hub. Lilli keeps an eye on Oscar with a 1.3 Mega Pixel lens.

octopus shaped webcam- lilli and oscar
Brando USB Microscope: If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It
Brando is filling in their spectrum of product offerings to include both low-end and high-end. From the seasonal trinket like USB Christmas trees and USB Plasma Balls to higher end products like quality USB solar chargers and today; USB Microscope, Brando is building their brand.

Brando USB Microscope
Fun Christmas Patterns on A-Data Flash Drive
A-Data is getting into the Christmas spirit with their limited edition PD3-X’mas flash drive. If looking for a great office Christmas gift or just looking to get your geeky friend into the holiday spirit the PD3-X’mas should be kept in mind. The flash storage comes with 5 colorful panels including Santa, sleigh and reindeer, a decorated Christmas tree, a stocking - stuffed with presents - and friendly snowman.

Christmas Pattern Data Flash Drive


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