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Friday, November 30, 2007

Google Gadgets- Mini application is now cross-platform

Google Gadgets is the mini-application created and toted by Google offering a wide range of content to their users. Quick access to items such as news feeds and individualized to-do lists, Google Gadgets have quickly become a great innovation that individuals rely on in their day-to-day life activities.

Google gadgets pictureNow, using Google Gadgets has become even easier for Mac and PC users. Mac users can now easily run their Google Gadgets along with their Apple Widgets in Dashboard. Running these applications side by side allows users to have the same items on their Mac, iGoogle pages and the ever-helpful Google Desktop Sidebar. This helps users to create a centralized and exceptionally efficient Dashboard area on their computers. For example, some aspects that can be capitalized upon from the Dashboard with the Gadgets include YouTube, the video site owned by Google, Virtual Flower Pot and the Weather Globe, which is a unique and interesting 3-D weather sphere that appears in the Dashboard to show users different weather conditions.

As developers produce one particular gadget to work with both Mac’s and PC’s, the advantages are many. With just one simple click, users are now able to install upwards of hundreds of Google Gadgets. Better still, these can be run in the Dashboard of Mac computers and will also have the potential to allow individuals utilizing the Google Gadgets to enhance their own personal web sites.


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