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Monday, December 3, 2007

Apple iPod vs Microsoft Zune 80

Apple iPod classic vs Microsoft Zune 80The Apple iPod Classic is the undisputed (until now) titan of high-capacity MP3 players, with a rich legacy dating back to 2001. Its rival, the Microsoft Zune, stepped on the scene only a year ago and was promptly cast as an ugly duckling. In its latest incarnation, the Zune 80, Microsoft has finally offered a worthy challenger to the iPod dynasty. Unlike the original 30GB Zune, which had the aesthetic charm of a bar of soap, the Zune 80 is capable of competing not just on features, but design as well.

Of course, there's more to an MP3 player than good looks. To be a truly feared and respected MP3 player in this day and age, you need excellent software, top-notch video playback, podcast support, a drool-worthy graphic user interface, premium sound quality, and an affordable price. It also doesn't upset to have a few tricks up your sleeve, such as games, or a Wi-Fi connection.

The only thing certain about this fight is that it will inevitably stir up a monsoon of disgust from both sides--no matter who wins.


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