Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alpha2 - the behind-the-scenes energy saver

There’s frequent launches of swanky looking energy saving gadgets, but the Alpha2 doesn’t fit into that category. This behind-the-scenes energy saver is not of the glamorous, gift-giving variety – instead it’s a circulator pump.

Chances are you don’t know what that is, but it could save you energy, and the related cash, and if you’re selling property it can improve your Energy Performance Certificate, potentially making the house more attractive to potential buyers. Grundfos has developed A-labelled pump, which can be installed in even the most confined spaces. Hidden away in your boiler it will significantly reduce CO2 emissions from your home – it’s claimed it can reduce an average European household’s total power consumption by up to 10%. So why is it better than what you’ve got?

There are more than 120 million circulators in operation in Europe today, and the majority are D rated, so chances are if this is the first time you’ve heard of circulator pumps, you’ve probably got one that’s a bit shoddy in comparison.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Virgin Mobile posts wider quarterly loss

Virgin Mobile USA on Thursday reported a wider third-quarter loss, but revenue rose about 18 percent in its first earnings report since last month's initial public offering.

Virgin Mobile USA, a venture of Sprint Nextel and Richard Branson's Virgin Group , reported a quarterly net loss of $7.3 million (3.6 million pounds), compared to a net loss of $5.1 million for the third quarter of 2006.

Virgin Mobile USA reported a pro forma diluted loss for the third quarter 2007 of 15 cents per share, compared to a pro forma loss of 10 cents per share in the third quarter 2006.

It posted revenue of $319.50 million, up from $270.99 million, it said in a statement.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Disney Phones: 'Dis' are What I'm Waiting for?

The positively escalating graph of mobile phones has clinched several features into its belly fostering one with cutting edge technologies. Yes, mobile phones have worn a new robe with stitches of entertainment, usability and sophistication. Unlike yesteryears, today's mobile phones are equipped with features like camera, music, gaming, good connectivity, web access, memory expansion and what not! Several mobile manufacturing companies have hit the market promising better and enhanced features.

Samsung, the South Korean consumer electronics brand is a well-known name across the globe. Samsung also manufactures some user friendly mobile phones which are rich in features as well as looks. Samsung has recently tied up with Disney and going to launch two new “Disney Phonescalled DM-S105 and DM-S110 in the US. These two phones will be in clamshell designs and provide very pleasing mobile features.

Sources say, these two handsets will come up with GPS (Global Positioning System) and will be extremely helpful for the parents to find out their children if lost. There will also be a special monitoring system that will help the parents to check how much children are using their mobile phones. The two phones will also carry a family alarm function which allows users to send a pre-saved message to other family members.

The Disney mobile phones will also come with VGA camera for freezing those memorable moments of life – in stills as well as videos. Bluetooth wireless technology will be another advantage in both the phones. The phone is for kids, but in order not to give that impression the exterior design is as sharp as Samsung's other mobile phones," a Samsung official said.

As of now, commercials are constantly aired by the company on many a popular channels. But time will only tell about the worth of the phones. Till then wait and see!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nokia N82 press shots leaked ahead of tomorrow's launch

In years to come the history of the Nokia N82 rumours, leaks and final launch may well be studied as an example of blogging and online tech journalism circa 2007.

We've had rumours, then prototype image renders, then blurry spy shots, then review device leaks, and now finally, ahead of the official launch tomorrow, we bring you the press pics.

It's like seeing an old friend once you've changed your spectacle prescription. The same, but very much in focus.

So, any regular readers will know the drill by now, but the N82 will be the most recent addition to Nokia's premium N-series device range.

It will be a 3G HSDPA handset, offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and boast that now famous 5-megapixel with Zenon flash and autofocus.

Keep it tuned to Pocket-lint tomorrow sometime after 12 noon to catch the final instalment of the saga after we get the official release from Nokia's launch event complete with pricing and availability.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Mobile and Fashion: The Bond is Getting Tightened

Last week when I stepped into a retail mobile outlet at Camden market, one of the most happening places in London, I saw advertisements of Levi's mobile phones which are all set to be released soon. I was a bit dumb thinking “is it the clothing company Levi's or a new kid on the block?” One of the persons in the outlet came into rescue my curiosity and told me that it's the same Levi's whose jeans are popular worldwide and trusted for years now. He even told me that the device will be manufactured under licence by the Paris-based ModeLabs. I came to know that the steel framed Levi's phone with "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" finishes for the ladies and "metallic silver", black and "brown copper" for the lads will be available in the UK very soon.

I didn't buy anything but came out of the outlet with much satisfaction. To tell you the truth, I am a bit fashion conscious and love to be in sync with the latest trend. So, the news about the launch of a Levi's phone was definitely a! Currently I'm using the the Nokia 6111 Cath Kidson with flowers on it while my brother is using the stylish and elegant LG Prada, both designer phones. Some of my friends have even got the Motorola RAZR V3i Dolce and Gabbana. Yes, the mobile industry is also getting fashionable each passing day. Mobile manufacturers have roped up with some of the most prestigious fashion houses thus unveiling eye catching fashion mobile handsets.

Fashion and mobile technology are now more akin than ever. Mobile phones now don't work as mere communication gadgets, they also work as good medium to show off one's fashion quotient. And the entry of fashion labels into the mobile market has helped further in igniting the the stylish mobile trend.