Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rock Band standalone drum kit now shipping in US and Canada

Rock band drumsIf you've been hankering after some Rock Band but hesitant to buy the full bundle because you've already got a couple Guitar Hero controllers lying around, or you've just beaten your existing drum kit to pieces, you're in luck -- Harmonix is now shipping the Rock Band Drum Kit to stores in the US and Canada, just a little bit later then we'd heard. The kit will retail for $80, which isn't all that bad -- especially considering the myriad alternate uses for the triggers once you get bored of playing "Maps" over and over again. Expect it to pop up soon in US stores, with a 2-8 week delay before it hits Canadian shelves.

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Gadgets tips- Track out If It's Malware at exeLibrary or not

Virus with info and how to delete picsSearch engine exeLibrary demistifies the EXEs running in your Task Manager to help you get to the bottom of whether or not that cryptic process actually needs to be running (and whether or not it's malware). Just search any process when you're unclear of its purpose in exeLibrary, and it'll give you a detailed description of what the process generally does in return, including how to remove it if it's harmful (similar to previously mentioned TaskList). exeLibrary is a nice stop if you're looking to trim down your running apps and Task Manager is full of processes that read like gibberish to you.

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Palm tries to make a right with two wrongs

Palm with phone devicesYes, it's fun to carry around three, four, or even five devices at a time -- and now thanks to a new promotion from Palm, you can quickly up the number of gadgets hanging from your utility belt by two. Currently, if you purchase the PDA / smartphone-maker's $299 Palm TX, they'll throw in a $99 Zire Z22 for free.

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PlayStation Store Update- Check Out

Playstation store update picsOutside of the PixelJunk Monsters demo, PlayStation 3 owners may have some difficulty mustering up too much excitement about this week's PlayStation Store additions. There's only one other playable, an original PlayStation title, but maybe you'll find this week's light dusting of gameplay trailers enough to keep you busy between F5ing the site. There is that Bionic Commando: Rearmed trailer available, the kind of thing you may want to watch and rewatch and rewatch. And rewatch.

Continue for the full list of new goodies coming your way courtesy of the PlayStation Network.

Games and Demos
PixelJunk Monsters demo (free)
Jet Moto 3 for PSone ($5.99)

Add-ons and Expansions
Rock Band tracks ($1.99 each) - "El Scorcho" by Weezer, "Why Do You Love Me" by Garbage, and "Sex Type Thing" by Stone Temple Pilots

Game Videos
Bionic Commando: Rearmed Trailer
Conflict: Denied Ops Developer Diary 4
MLB 08 The Show Stolen Base Video
MLB 08 The Show Replay Vault Tutorial
MLB 08 The Show Pitcher/Batter Analysis Tutorial

Movie and Television Trailers
We Own The Night (Blu-ray)
Kung Fu Panda

Wallpapers and Themes
Lair "Asylian" theme

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Bluetooth mod comes to the 5G iPod

Bluetooth with 5G iPodWe already know that 4G iPod Bluetooth mod was pretty sweet, but Fstedie has managed to top himself, cramming a BT adapter into a 5G video iPod without altering the stock appearance, apart from that clear third-party faceplate. The basics of the hack are pretty similar -- replace the hard drive with a CF card, wire up a Bluetooth adapter -- but the cramped internals of the 5G case makes it much more difficult to pull off, apparently. Let's us know what you think...

Source- [Engadget]

Gadgets tips- Turn Your Favorite RSS Feeds into a Newspaper with FeedJournal

Gadgets tips- Turn rss into newspaperWeb application FeedJournal turns your RSS feed(s) of choice into a newspaper-formatted PDF. You can either enjoy the newspaper-ness of the electronic PDF on your computer, or you can print out the paper for some offline, dead-tree reading. FeedJournal probably isn't the best solution for feeds that generally have shorter items (like the main Lifehacker feed), but longer articles (like you'll find in our feature feed) fit really well in the FeedJournal layout. FeedJournal is free to use, requires registration with the site.


Bluetooth: the Next Big Thing?

Blutooth- Today show picsWatch out Walt Mossberg, Al Roker's got your number on this whole "technology pundit for the common man" thing. He teamed up with Cat Schwartz on the Today Show to get to the bottom of this whole Bluetooth sensation that's sweeping the country.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Nintendo's DS Lite retrofitted into MacBook Air ad

Nintendo ds lite as Macbook air adIt's hard to deny that Apple's MacBook Air advertisement is pretty catchy, and while the DS Lite doesn't exactly pull off the whole envelope exit quite as elegantly as Cupertino's latest lappie, it doesn't do a half bad job representing'.

In the spoof waiting for you after the jump, you'll see a black DS Lite retrofitted into the MBA spot, and while the text, lighting and overall smoothness isn't on par with the original, at least the music is spot-on.


Steampunk Iron Man Images

Hey, all you gadgets lovers people. Check this out- The hot pics of Iron man. you love them, share your comments with us.

Steampunk iron man image
Steampunk iron man image
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Street Fighter IV Playable This Week, Launches In July

Street fighter IV snapshotAnd now, potentially the most important news to come out of the AOU show from the weekend: Street Fighter launch info. It was announced that the arcade version of Capcom's fighter will make its proper public debut on Friday at Plaza Capcom in Tokyo, where it'll remain until February 24. As for the real Japanese launch, that's promised to take place in the summer over two dates: arcades ordering the game board and its Taito VEWLIX cabinet will get it in late-July, while those ordering just the game board will get it in mid-August.

No word on what this means for a Western release, but those who frequent the more enterprising arcades should start seeing them in a similar timeframe.


iPaq 210 finally ships, gets reviewed

iPaq 210 reviewsFor an otherwise-generic PDA, the iPaq 210 has already led a controversy-filled life filled with numerous delays, canceled pre-orders, retracted and clarified official statements from HP, and even a website bug that constantly promised shipment in two weeks -- but now it's finally here, and according to the crew at Brighthand, all that bake time seems to have paid off.

The 210's 4-inch VGA-res screen drew high praise, of course, but what really set the 210 apart was the wealth of connectivity options -- with both CF and SDHC slots, the 210 can store up to 64GB of data, and transfer it over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, and USB 2.0. The only issues seem to be a touchscreen that requires a firmer touch than usual and that high $450 MSRP -- but if you're among the few still in the market for a standalone PDA, the 210 is probably worth checking out.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

D-REX Pet Dinosaur Stalks Prey, Bites Your Sister, Doesn't Poop on the Floor

D-Rex petWhile weren't quite as blown away by D-REX as we were by Elmo Live—"jazz hands" killed our objective judgment—the level of interactivity is pretty impressive for what's supposed to be a dumb child's toy (the kid, not the 'bot). About the size of a small puppy, it behaves semi-autonomously, though it'll follow patterns you pick w/ the remote like guarding your room (if it detects a light change, it goes apeshit) and (cutely) responds to petting, calling and the like. I'm not quite sure it's worth $150 yet, but even in this beta stage, it's damn close, and the fall launch date leaves plenty of polish time.
This fall, Mattel adds a new category to its toy portfolio with the introduction of D-Rex, an interactive "pet" dinosaur for boys that boasts life-like movements, obeys commands, displays affection and protects its owner. Featuring "biomorphic robotics," a sub-discipline of robotics that focuses on emulating the mechanics, sensor systems and methodologies used by animals, D-Rex is unique in that it features advanced technology along with incredible life-like features, making "him" both a robot and an autonomous pet.

D-Rex has several features that bring him to life - he moves his eyes, wags his tail, responds to care and feeding, comes when called, and like any good pet, protects his owner and his prize possessions.

D-Rex celebrates traditional boys play patterns, while also infusing innovative technology to allow him to come to life and create a memorable "wow" moment for kids.

D-Rex is the ultimate pet for boys. A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with an independent personality, D-Rex combines robotics, proprietary software and reptilian skin to create a life-like appearance and behavior. He walks around, chomps his jaw, bares his teeth and roars more than 100 different ways to let you know what he wants. D-Rex might demand food or want to play a game, and he'll hear your voice and respond to your touch. Like the ideal pet, D-Rex will protect his owner and his prize possessions.
ARP: $150.00 Age: 6+ Available: Fall 2008

Your Favorite Memory Hacks?

Forget where you put your car keys? Can't remember the proper term to describe something? With so much activity in our lives, our memories are in turn taking a hit and we're not keeping our brains in shape. Reader's Digest suggests that if you've misplaced your car keys (again), try to remember exactly what you were doing up until the point that you lost it, or when placing your car keys on your table, remember to clearly acknowledge that you've done so.

If your car keys are consistently misplaced, set aside a basket or storage bin where you know you should place your keys every time. How do you retrain your brain and get out of brain freeze mode? Share your comments with us....


Sony Ericsson PSPhone mockup

sony Ericsson psphone MobileThe gaming community is buzzing this morning from some supposedly leaked scans of a possible PSPhone would give it a full 480 x 272 display, mini-analog stick, and drop UMD in favor of playing full PSP games via M2.

"New in 2008: July-Dec
Top box: Between both keyboards there is a 3 inches screen with the same resolution of the PSP (480x272 pixels) which guarantees a good gaming experience. Good as well for movies.

Lower right box: PSP functionalities were replicated in this architecture, making possible that all PSP games can be played. It won't have UMD slot, but it'll have M2 cards instead

Left box: Slide on one side and you'll find a joypad with analog stick for PSP controls. Slide to the other side and a number keyboard will show up enjoying the ergonomics of Sony Ericsson.

Plenty of opinion, final word: Probability of existence: 35%"


Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Runs Windows Mobile 6.1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 on windows Mobile 6.1The chaps over at have just managed to get hold of some exclusive Xperia X1 images. The new pictures show the device will be running the yet-to-be-announced Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, and that explains why we weren't allowed a thorough hands-on at Mobile World Congress 2008. That may not be a shocker, but the other tidbits of information we have gathered are rather interesting.

About Windows Mobile 6.1 GIBesides what we knew before, we can now tell the Xperia X1 will have a Qualcomm 7200A CPU running at 528 MHz, 128MB RAM and a nice 'n' juicy, 1500 mAh battery. Sure, we were not overwhelmed with our first gimped hands-on, but on paper it looks like this sure is one beast. The 528 MHz processor has us excited, but with it being Windows Mobile, we'll be surprised if the onboard RAM doesn't prove itself to be insufficient for heavy multitasking.