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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sony Ericsson PSPhone mockup

sony Ericsson psphone MobileThe gaming community is buzzing this morning from some supposedly leaked scans of a possible PSPhone would give it a full 480 x 272 display, mini-analog stick, and drop UMD in favor of playing full PSP games via M2.

"New in 2008: July-Dec
Top box: Between both keyboards there is a 3 inches screen with the same resolution of the PSP (480x272 pixels) which guarantees a good gaming experience. Good as well for movies.

Lower right box: PSP functionalities were replicated in this architecture, making possible that all PSP games can be played. It won't have UMD slot, but it'll have M2 cards instead

Left box: Slide on one side and you'll find a joypad with analog stick for PSP controls. Slide to the other side and a number keyboard will show up enjoying the ergonomics of Sony Ericsson.

Plenty of opinion, final word: Probability of existence: 35%"


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