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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

iPhone 5 UK release date: 21 November?

Phones4U has let slip that the fifth generation iPhone will hit the shelves on 21 November 2011.

This new date thrown out by Phones4U's anonymous representative while speaking to TechRadar BFF T3 ties in quite nicely with speculation that Apple is delaying the next iPhone launch until September; usually new iPhone hardware is revealed in June.

We're still around 99 per cent sceptical of Phones4U and its mooted date, however; we're fairly confident that Apple wouldn't go around telling retail staff details of the next iPhone when it's a secret guarded as closely as who reallyshot JFK and just what did happen at Roswell, particularly when we're still a good six months away from the supposed release.

Questions also remain as to what we'll be calling the next Apple smartphone – will it be the iPhone 5? Or the iPhone 4S, as mooted by an analyst earlier today? Or perhaps something else entirely. The excitement on this issue is palpable.


The iPhone 4S is rumoured to bring small updates the iPhone 4, bringing a better processor, cameras, "minor cosmetic changes" and HSPA+ support.

Despite the apparently negligible upgrades which you might think suggest a June release, Apple appears to be having supply issues following recent events in Japan, and could delay the next iPhone until things are back on an even keel.

While iPhone 5 rumours have been milled to the point that we could probably make bread with them if we wanted, Phones4U's spurious proclamation still gives us no clear answer to the question of whether we'll see a new iPhone launch at WWDC next month, and probably won't be until that thrilling 'one more thing' moment.

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