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Monday, May 16, 2011

Apple's iAd Program Reaches 100 Campaigns

As reported by The Loop, Apple has reached a milestone in its iAd mobile advertising push, with its 100th ad campaign having rolled out with content from real estate company Coldwell Banker.

The campaign began in late March and so far, the results are glowing. [Coldwell Banker chief marketing office Michael] Fischer said the iAd garnered and average of 11 pages viewed per visit; average user engagement time of more than one minute; tap rates 5 times higher than average online banner ad click-through rates; and conversion rates four times higher than online display and search ads.

It is unclear from the report whether the figure of 100 iAd campaigns includes iAds for Developers, a lower-cost option that allows App Store developers to advertise in other apps with a basic ad format, although presumably these are not included in the total.

Apple earlier this year sliced the buy-in fee for major advertisers in half from $1 million to $500,000, hoping to draw in new advertisers as the company has sought to increase fill rates amid exploding device sales and developer adoption that have dramatically increased the number of available ad slots.

Just last month, Apple released an iAd Gallery app for iOS devices, featuring some of the campaigns that have made appearances in the iAd program.

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