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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Warning: Gadgets coming preloaded with a virus

We love new gadgets and we always keep an eye on every new releases that come out of the market. We adore its shiny new look and get awed by its features. But have you ever stopped and thought about the possibility that the software that comes preinstalled in our new gadgets might be infected by viruses?

The Associated Press warns that some of today’s gadgets are coming into the market with extras - viruses. Recent cases examined by the AP pointed out that Apple iPods, digital picture frames sold by big-box retailers Target and Best Buy and the TomTom Navigation all contained viruses even before consumers ever had them in their hands.

And guess where those gadgets came from? Chinese factories. But there’s no reason to be alarmed though. The viruses came from lax quality control and not from organized sabotage by Chinese hackers. The three companies mentioned are already investigating the problem. Apple said that the virus that infected a small number of video iPods in 2006 came from a PC used to test compatibility with the gadget’s software. Best Buy was quick to respond to the findings of the study and immediately pulled out infected Chinese made digital photo frames from their inventory. Sam’s Club and Target are still investigating the matter and have not yet verified if their digital photo frames are infected with digital viruses.

Although none of the viruses found in the mentioned gadgets have caused major damages to consumers who bought them, it is still advised that consumers exercise caution when using their newly purchased gadgets. Or if you are like us and simply cannot resist a gadget purchase, the best way to prevent a virus attack is to run update anti-virus program when possible and keep an eye out for news reports.

Via- [http://www.gadgetell.com/tech/comment/warning-some-gadgets-now-coming-preloaded-with-a-virus/]

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