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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Facebook French- User translated French site

Facebook franceIn the hopes of catching up with its rival social networking site in terms of localizing strategy, Facebook has launched a French language version of its site.

The launch followed the successful launch of its German and Spanish language versions a couple of months ago. The French language version of Facebook was made possible by its French speaking members who helped out in translating the site.

Translating Facebook into French was only logical since France is the sixth most active country on Facebook, with the U.S. in the number 1 spot in terms of user base activities. French speaking Facebook users will now have the option to change the language version of the Facebook site they visit. This can be done in their account settings. But for those members who directly sign onto Facebook, the French language version of the site will be automatically displayed.

Facebook is planning to empower its members in translating the site into other non-English language. Using a strategy popularized by Wikipedia, Facebook is hoping that members whose native language is other than English will contribute in translating the site into their own languages. Any Facebook members can help translate the site into non-English language by adding the translation application into their Facebook profile. All translations to be submitted by members will be approved through voting system by Facebook users themselves.

Via- [http://www.gadgetell.com/tech/comment/facebook-users-help-parlay-site-in-french/]

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