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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Google UK top searches for 2007

In the UK Google has announced for the first time a city by city profile of the top searches people are looking for.

Google UK top searches 2007 graphOverall technology dominated the lists, with the social networking sites doing particularly well. Proving that the Internet isn’t just for adults, with sites like Club Penguin and StarDoll featured heavily.

It was good to see obesity featuring high up the lists as people sort life changing diets, but I am not so sure about the Spice Girls being one of the most popular music searches!

That is nothing though compared to the items of ‘news’ that people searched for:

….. the list of most-Googled news searches worldwide. Iran featured a lowly ninth on the list, one above High School Musical star Victoria Hudgens, and below searches for American Idol, YouTube, Britney Spears, the Cricket World Cup, wrestler Chris Benoit, Apple’s iPhone, Anna Nicole Smith, and Paris Hilton.

That is just worrying!


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