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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Will Yahoo Negotiate?

The Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher today posted what some insiders are telling her may come next with the Yahoo/Microsoft buyout drama. One source (which she doesn't name) says Yahoo will likely call Microsoft to negotiate terms within 14 days.

While that's not a universal consensus, Swisher writes that she expects such a call will happen, and that the only realistic barrier to the buyout in the wake of Yahoo's ho-hum roadshow is the Justice Department stepping in. Not a likely event, she says.

Sobering stuff, given that a Microhoo could drastically change the Webscape for consumers and business alike, though I couldn't predict just how.

In other Yahoo news, the company changed their home page design to once again put their logo in the top center instead of the upper left. A blogoscoped.com post looks at the change and compares it with past designs from the 90s through today.

Via- [http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,143820-c,mergersacquisitions/article.html]

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