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Monday, March 17, 2008

US Technical Committee starts testing Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7Microsoft Vista’s non-success will not stop the software giant to come out with Windows 7, the next Windows operating system that still remains (for the most part) to be a mystery. However, a test version has already been forwarded to the technical committed (TC) of US law enforcement perhaps to have the upcoming OS’ compliance checked, according to a court document filing.

The court document filing claims that the next operating system from Bill Gates’ Microsoft has full description but currently only the regulators have access to it, as well as, the test version. Regulators and Microsoft itself claimed in the filing:
“Microsoft recently supplied the TC with a build of Windows 7, and is discussing TC testing going forward. The TC will conduct middleware-related tests on future builds of Windows 7.”
No results and changes were made public but we’re sure that a long line of discussion and close encounter between the two groups can be expected.

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