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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green Cellphone battery- An industry solution..

Green cellphone battery Cellphones, and the materials they are made of, in general, contain hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to us all especially when they’re piled up in huge volumes. This might not be affecting us now, but in due time, all the filth will eventually accumulate to haunt future generations. Clearly, action needs to be taken as soon as possible to fix this serious problem.

So how do we do it? An entry to the Greener Gadgets Competition held recently in New York City offers a very viable suggestion: create a universal battery pack that will work with any consumer electronics product, be it a cellphone, MP3 player, laptop, or other battery-powered device.
“The Green Cell battery is a single, standardized battery which will fit every type of personal electronic device. [It] is made without toxic chemicals and is safe and environmentally friendly. It can also be recharged or replaced at a local vending machine.”
This is a very nice concept that, if ever developed into a full product, could save us all from the hassle of having to carry lots of different chargers around for all our mobile devices. It will also make looking for replacement batteries easier than ever, and you don’t have to worry about causing harm upon disposing of used units because, as mentioned in the concept specs, this will be made without toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. It should in fact be safe and environmentally friendly.

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