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Monday, January 21, 2008

Problems coming to the PS3?

PS3 crisisIn the world of video games rumors spread like wildfire, especially if they’re about high-profile games and next-gen consoles.

We’ve all heard "Crysis coming to next-gen consoles" tons of times, and Cevat Yerli, co-founder and president of Crytek studios, even said that if the PC version did well they would definitely consider a port.

While I don’t have the sales figures, I’m sure the game did pretty well for itself, judging by all the positive reviews (ours included). So it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the game will eventually make its way to the PS3.

Why the PS3, you ask? Well, it’s nothing personal; it’s just that the Xbox360 would probably choke and die trying to churn out this game at a sturdy 30 FPS, a feat the PS3 is apparently capable of.

So is it true or is it a load of crap? Only time will tell... but till then you could head over to Gamesradar for the lowdown on this rumor, or just head over to our interview with Cevat Yerli.

Come and discuss it.


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